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Waste Industry Specialist

As one of the top five most dangerous occupations in the United States, no other industry is as unique as the waste hauling and collection industry and only a few experts can speak with any degree of legitimacy about their ever-changing and volatile risk landscape.

For over 25 years, Arenas Consultants has been at the front lines and deep in the trenches defending, educating and coaching waste haulers throughout California.  Simply put, we qualify as one of those few industry insiders with sufficient knowledge and experience to make a significant impact on these organizations. Here is how:

We are a minority-owned business 

committed to serve the Los Angeles Zero Waste initiative

by providing minority-owned business excellence to this 

ground-breaking commitment to total sustainability!

1-SAFETY your culture...your future.

We understand the delicate balance that must be maintained when cultural nuances and operational pressures come together.  This is where safety typically becomes the first casualty. When managed correctly, this balance will elevate organizations even through difficult situations.  When not managed correctly and culture is allowed to become toxic, it will undermine and eventually destroy even the biggest organizations. Unfortunately, this is the area where waste haulers fail the most and part of the reason they have among the highest worker death rates in the nation.

Arenas Consultants begins each of its projects by understanding and living your safety culture. Each one of our clients understands that one cannot change a safety culture without significantly impacting their entire organization’s culture. In our experience, each is always dependent on the other. This is why we always begin there, at the heart of your organization, SAFETY. We identify deficiencies there first and develop a path forward that falls within reasonable timelines and well within your budget.

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