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Claims - Waste Haulers

Driving with the steering wheel on the right side through busy commercial and residential streets with a packing, stuffing, grappling machine on six wheels paints a very perilous and suspenseful picture.  However, every single day thousands of professional drivers conduct this work flawlessly and with tremendous precision. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, they go very wrong and often it's not because of the commercial driver behind the wheel. After all, how hard is it to miss a noisy, flashing behemoth stopping and beeping every 20 yards or so.  The fact is that waste haulers need the kind of special service and attention that only Arenas Consultants can provide.  We understand your needs and have handled every possible claim one can imagine while helping our customers preserve their enterprises.  For more than two decades we have participated in the investigation and administration of casualty & work-comp claims for waste haulers with a combined workforce of over 2,000+ employees.  Our risk & claims experience with this unique segment ranges from simple property damage claims to high severity and fatality losses.  This substantial amount of specialized experience can seldom be found in today's market and has made our consulting services simply invaluable to companies in this high-risk business sector. 

Claims - Commercial Hauler

Working closely with businesses of all sizes in this unique risk segment for the past 20+ years has led us to understand the nuances and exposures that are inherent with busy commercial fleets and their casualty events.  Often, it's the logo on your truck or van that attracts a fraudulent claim and it could come in the rarest of forms when you least expect it.  When accidents happen, it's the low level of internal claims proficiency, formality and experience that creates havoc with your bottom line.  Allowing your carrier to handle your claims blindly is the most common form of financial leakage in this high frequency industry.  This is why we help companies stay on top of their claims and navigate the turbulent waters of litigation as claims consultants. No one else in the industry has the experience and knowledge to keep your claims moving in the right direction like we can. You no longer have to go at it alone, you now have the best in the business riding shogtun!




Claims - Food & Retail

From slip and falls to hot coffee spills to chipped teeth and even forklift accidents, the demands of this risk segment are unique and diverse at the same time.  We have investigated thousands of these casualty claims for carriers like Safeco,  Allstate and Liberty Mutual Insurance over the last 25 years.  This vast, ground-level experience has given us a clear and unobstructed view of the constant investigative deficiencies that plague all large, medium and small brick and mortar retail businesses alike.  Unfortunately, when accidents happen in a retail environment the focus is heavy on customer service and light on investigation.  This lack of self-preservation attitude creates a significant imbalance when it comes time for your carrier to handle and resolve these claims later.  This is also were fraud walks freely in and out of your front door as your employees hold the door wide open and smile. Our services are specifically designed to empower your line-staff with proper investigation techniques, response protocols and heavy documentation training.  We also review/diagnose all logistical and optical footprints so that you never miss capturing your next accident. Trying to survive in this fragile and competitive market is tough enough, our claims consulting services make it easier to focus on what you do best.  

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