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When We Speak ...Everybody Listens!

Real Accidents - Real Training - Real Safety

Over the last three decades we have investigated hundreds of losses involving waste hauling operations. This vast knowledge and experience has given us a tremendous amount of material from which to craft the most impactful and targeted waste-hauler training series available in the risk & safety industry!


Our aim is to explore real scenarios that can happen to any of your drivers at any given time. One of the biggest deficiencies safety programs face today is that drivers think mainly conceptually about safety. Since most of them have never been involved in the unthinkable and have never been trained by investigative professionals, the training simply doesn't sink in.  


extremely EDUCATIONAL but make no mistake about it, 

REAL SAFETY will reach deep into your  drivers' psyche 

and leave a lasting, positive  impression on their safety 



REAL SAFETY will quickly raise the quality of your program! It will raise efficiency, retention and prevention levels as you follow our four part series throughout the year.  Sessions can also be purchased individually and can be included as part of a total REAL SAFETY subscription plan. Here is what makes REAL SAFETY so effective...

Cuando Hablamos...

Todos Escuchan!

Expert Training, Material, Real Cases! 

Principal Consultant, Robert Arenas

conducts training in SPANISH

When our trainers speak, they speak from real life experience! Having interviewed hundreds of drivers after major accidents

and having visited hundreds of accident scenes, no one can captivate your staff like Real Safety trainers can.  Our sessions can be customized to fit your duration, location and language needs. We are also proficient and fluent in Spanish. 

Our training sessions are jam-packed with real investigative material which makes every case come alive and easy to retain. Your drivers will become instantly engaged as they are taken through the liability investigative process. Our process goes well beyond your standard Root Cause Analysis and helps reniforce basic fleet safety concepts and protocol better than any other

training they can receive. They will hear and see related material as they are virtually brought to the scene of real losses.   

We Constantly Update Our Material! 

We are always researching and updating

our accident database for relevant content. Our accident investigators frequently visit accident locations in order to investigate accidents throughout the nation. For over two decades, has worked closely with some of the Nation's largest insurance carriers and third party administrators. Due to our long-standing

contracts with these entities, we craft each

of our Real Safety sessions with the utmost

discretion and sensitivity while still providing

incredible service and delivery. 


Our Real Safety training can be purchased

on a single-session basis or as a quarterly series. Bilingual service included!


A "Real Safety" subscription plan includes our quarterly training and enhanced safety optics to compliment your in-house initiatives.  

About The Trainer

Featured by Insurance Journal  Magazine

as a claims industry  expert, Arenas has

investigated  and consulted on dozens

of waste hauler severity and fatality

claims with over $1M in reserves. His

27-years of experience are now focused

on creating a real-life, powerful safety

training series that will help waste

haulers raise their level of instruction

and retention. Arenas is also a licensed

accident investigator and is a principal

consultant at Arenas Consultants, a risk,

claims and safety consulting firm in Southern California. He is a media contributor for Claims Journal Magazine.

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