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Services delivered independently or as integrated modules. Benefit from flexibility and expertise as-needed!

Our solutions are designed to deliver daily, short-term results as well as long-term strategic objectives!

Customized solutions that fit every client's

need. It doesn't matter how small or how big the client is. We service all!



You need us if...

  • You have a pressing HR issue and need direction now!

  • You just don't have the resources to do the HR the right way

  • You are wasting way too much money/time on single HR issues

  • Your people are wearing way too many hats and are dropping the ball

  • Your HR blind spots are keeping you up at night

  • You want to become formal so you can grow your business


What you get...

  • Experienced, certified HR professionals at the tip of your fingers

  • Answers and solutions to tough HR issues when you need them 

  • Experts to help you navigate ever-changing, litigious HR landscapes

  • Coaching and guidance towards short and long-term goals

  • Budget sensitive pricing - pay for what you need only

  • The protection you need to run your core business with confidence

  • The right platform and formality to grow your business properly

  • Compensation Analysis/Strategy

  • Disciplinary Actions

  • Employee Benefits

  • Employee Handbooks/Policies

  • Employment Investigations

  • Employee Motivation/Recognition

  • Employee Orientation/On-Boarding

  • Employee Relations

  • Employee Surveys

  • Employee Training

  • Exit Interview Programs

  • FLSA Exempt Status Surveys

  • Form I-9 Audits

  • HR Audit/Compliance Assessment

  • HR Coaching

  • HR Department Set-Up/Operations

  • HR Phone Support

  • HR Policy/Procedure Review

  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions

  • Organizational Development

  • Performance Management

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Records Retention Programs

  • Recruiting & Employee Retention Strategies

  • Safety Programs & Consulting

  • Salary Surveys

  • Staffing & Placement Services

  • Supervisory Training

  • Testing & Evaluations

  • Time & Attendance Solutions

  • Training & Development

  • Unemployment Insurance Cost Control

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