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Stop Claims


“Claims Leakage” a situation in which capital escapes an organization due to poor internal claim handling, supervision & self-advocacy standards.

1- My carrier cares more about my claims than I do.

The Top Five Myths That

Cost You

Thousands Each Year... 

2- If I catch something later, I can always ask my broker 
to fix it, I don't need anyone else fighting for me.

3- Once a claim goes beyond my deductible I don’t
need to worry about it anymore.

4- Handling claims is my carrier’s job, they’re more
knowledgeable/experienced than we could ever be. 

5- Advocating for my claims is well beyond my staff's 

ability and is not their responsibility.

- Map out your company's road to future success with our expert third-party solutions & resources.

- Keep your staff on target with best practices claims coaching and training! ClaimsConnect will help turn your staff into proverbial watchdogs with every claim they handle.

- Eliminate stress and confusion with 

year-round, on-call claims guidance and expert support on your liability claims!

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- Take advantage of 27+ years of claims expertise offered by licensed insurance claims and investigation professionals who work only for you!

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